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About Weed & Feed

“Weed & Feed: An Overview of Lawn Care Products”

Weed & Feed is a generic term encompassing a wide range of lawn chemical products crafted to fortify existing grass while eliminating specific weeds in a single application.

This dual-action product enhances your lawn’s capacity to absorb essential nutrients, promoting healthy growth. The optimal time to apply Weed & Feed is when weeds are actively growing.

The “weed” component of Weed and Feed consists of various broad-leaf-targeted herbicides that combat weeds such as dandelions, clover, and other leafy varieties.

The “feed” component is a fertilizer containing a combination of nitrogen, phosphorous, and/or potassium to revitalize your lawn. It is advisable to apply Weed & Feed twice a year.

However, keep in mind that it can hinder seed germination, so refrain from planting new grass or aerating your lawn for at least four weeks.

Additionally, ensure that pets and children stay off the lawn until the first substantial rainfall after application to prevent any uneven distribution, which can result in burn marks or patches on the grass.

Lime for Soil pH Control

“Lime: Balancing Soil Acidity for Optimal Lawn Growth”

Lime is employed to regulate the acidity of your soil. Most types of lawn grass flourish in slightly acidic soil with a pH level ranging between 6 and 7.

If your soil’s pH falls below 5.5 (making it acidic), your lawn’s growth will be compromised.

Adding more fertilizer won’t rectify the issue because highly acidic soil cannot effectively absorb nutrients.

If you reside in a rainy area, where acid-loving plants like rhododendrons and camellias thrive, your soil is likely acidic and could benefit from a lime treatment.

The presence of moss often signifies the beginning of problems, as acidic soil hampers nutrient delivery to your grass, creating an environment conducive to moss growth.

Tackling Moss Issues with Moss Out

“Moss Out: Conquering Lawn Moss and Restoring Greenery”

Lawn moss is a result of soil maintenance issues and can become a problem in its own right, depriving your grass of vital nutrients and causing it to turn an unhealthy yellow.

Moss Out Granules provide a solution by addressing both problems, eliminating moss while restoring your grass to a vibrant green color.

Moss tends to thrive in damp, shady lawns with acidic soil and poor drainage. Under these conditions, moss can overtake areas where grass once thrived.

Moss Out, containing 10% iron, effectively kills moss and rejuvenates your grass. Since it doesn’t contain fertilizer, you achieve moss control and greening without excessive growth necessitating frequent mowing.

Granular Weed Killers for Weed Control

“Granular Weed Killers: Effective Solutions for Weed Management”

Casoron is a selective pre-emergence granular herbicide designed to prevent a wide range of weeds and grasses.

It creates an herbicidal vapor barrier in the upper soil layer, activated by rainfall or irrigation water, which controls weeds before they emerge from the ground.

Casoron should be applied prior to weed seed germination and emergence, typically from mid-winter to early spring, offering season-long weed control.

Noxall granules serve as non-selective weed and grass killers, annihilating all vegetation in their path.

They are perfect for use on walkways, fences, and under decks that need to remain weed-free.

This proprietary formula ensures that existing vegetation is eradicated down to the roots and prevents regrowth for up to a year.

Preen is a granular seed and weed preventer suitable for gardens.

It can be applied directly to the soil or on top of mulch around plants, effectively preventing new seeds from sprouting.

The best time to apply Preen is when the soil is dry.

Chemical Sprays for Weed Control

“Chemical Sprays: Effective Solutions for Weed Control”

Glyphosate-Based Spray is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide and crop desiccant primarily used to eliminate weeds, especially annual broadleaf weeds and competing grasses.

It interferes with the plants’ ability to produce essential proteins required for growth.

Glyphosate controls over 100 annual and perennial weeds and can be applied over-the-top to roundup ready canola, corn, cotton, and soybeans.

Popular brand names for products containing glyphosate include Cornerstone and Hi Yield.

It’s important to note that pets may be at risk if they come into contact with or ingest plants still wet with glyphosate-containing sprays.

Roof Treatment with Moss-B-Ware

“Moss-B-Ware: Roof Treatment for Moss Prevention and Eradication”

Moss-B-Ware is a white powder designed to eliminate and prevent moss growth on roofs, patios, walkways, and other outdoor surfaces.

It can safely be used on wood, composition, concrete, and various metals.

Moss-B-Ware can be applied either in its dry form or mixed with water, depending on the specific needs of your surfaces.

It can be used at any time of the year.

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