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About me

chelo fonte

Hi, I'm Chelo Fonte and I live in Parker, Colorado.

Since 2010 I have been creating websites for small businesses, but about a year ago I started to incorporate marketing into the website design itself.

Web design with built-in marketing is an unknown formula by 97% of web designers.

This combination of design with marketing excites me a lot because it is the most logical and profitable way for my clients.

Imagine that a regular website without built-in marketing is like wanting to see a full movie on YouTube.

You find that the movie has been distributed in several messy videos, and even parts of the movie are missing.

So the intention of watching the movie on YouTube is lost among messy, missing videos, and not to mention the annoying advertising.

A website with built-in marketing, on the other hand, is like watching that movie on Netflix, you sit on your sofa and watch them completely and without interruptions.

I use the example of a movie because the websites that I design with StoryBrand® follow the Holywood movie formula.

Why millions of people like movies?

People even get excited, inspired, and even recommend them to other people.


It is because movies follow a formula or framework based on stories that connect with our brain and our emotions.

Stories have done this for thousands of years.

If you want me to build your website, it will tell a story, but it will not be your story, but the one of your potential client, who will be the hero of the story.

The StoryBrand® formula teaches that when you include your potential client in the story, your message will be clear and will engage them because they see themselves reflected in it.

But the website structure must follow the same framework that stories do.

For example, at the top of your website you should have a phrase or title, which specifically speaks of what your potential client is looking for.

That phrase should be followed by a text that tells them clearly and directly how you deliver what they are looking for.

Since you have 5 seconds to capture their interest, with this structure you not only accomplice that, you also respond to their quest.

So by avoiding wasting energy guessing what your website is about and whether or not it contains what they are looking for, you earn their interest, and they will want to know more about your service.

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